Are You MISMO Compliant?

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization asserts on its website that: in an industry where regulations are increasing the requirements for lender oversight of their vendors, MISMO certification can provide a level of assurance that your products comply with industry standards. The MISMO Software Compliance Certification Program enables technology providers to assess their MISMO based products for compliance with MISMO standards. If compliant, providers can showcase their competitive advantage by displaying a “MISMO Compliant” certification mark. Here’s how it works:

The Certification Program is a versatile program intended to evaluate how the MISMO standard has been applied for a specified product within a specified business domain. Certification includes a review of a company’s MISMO-related practices. Certification also includes an evaluation of the software or tool usage of MISMO standards as well as proof of the capability of the software or tool to create MISMO oriented data transmissions, interfaces or reports. Two levels of certification are available:

>> Standard Level Certification: Provides a foundational certification of company and product use of MISMO standards and best practices within a specified business domain through self assessment and verified through integration partner references.

>> Premiere Level Certification: Requires an independent third party validation of a company and product use of MISMO standards and best practices within a specified business domain.

The Compliance Program is open to any company that has developed MISMO based software, products or tools using MISMO standards and best practices. Program participants who successfully complete the certification program will be able to use the MISMO Compliant Certification Mark under the contractual terms of the program. You can get more information on this online HERE.

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