Lender Simplifies Using Technology

Lenders are looking to simplify using technology these days. For example, SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) of Salt Lake City, Utah, has selected the Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) solution to centralize marketing, compliance and sales process management for its national network of retail origination branches. Here’s why they made this choice:

Like many mortgage lenders, SNMC was concerned about standardizing and controlling messaging for Realtors and consumers to ensure compliance with CFPB requirements, as well as making sure that loan officers were utilizing the best possible materials across the country. SNMC was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Security National Financial Corp., which began in 1965 as Security National Life Insurance Company and has invested in mortgage loans for almost 50 years.

“As a company that started from humble beginnings, we have grown and succeeded over the decades by providing very personal service to our customers,” says SNMC Chief Marketing Officer Michael Shehan. “It was absolutely essential that we continued to offer the best possible borrower experiences while making certain that SNMC was fully compliant with the new regulations surrounding customer communications. With 80 branches across the country, we turned to Vantage Production to centralize this effort with VIP’s content and workflow, vastly improving control and messaging across our network,” he says.

“Additionally, we offer a broad range of home loans due to our very well established relationships with mortgage investors, so not all of our loan programs are the standard products offered everywhere. We needed flexibility with differentiated program specifics for our sales force, and VIP creates outstanding presentations on every possible loan product,” he notes.

“Decentralized marketing is simply no longer a good idea,” says Vantage Production CEO Paul Zoukis. “Companies that lack tight control over content and presentation are putting themselves at risk for costly penalties from multiple state and federal agencies, and that is not necessary in this age of advanced automation and cloud delivery,” he says.

“VIP uses enterprise data for CRM in ways that the mortgage industry has never seen before, and the benefits are powerful for lenders that focus on high service levels, building referrals and improving profitability while controlling costs. Complete tracking and performance metrics provide confidence in compliance efforts and in the ROI of using advanced CRM,” Zoukis says.

“Using VIP, we can now measure every aspect of our marketing programs, customer presentations and the benefit from the additional dimensions of Vantage Production’s content and services,” says SNMC’s Shehan. “We are adopting the VIP workflow across our entire organization to leverage our data and its capabilities in helping us offer even higher service levels for our customers.”