Technology To Help Lenders Plan Better

How can lenders plan better to adjust to new market conditions? There’s a new technology that has come to market called Alight Mortgage Lending. Michele McGovern, CEO at Alight Planning, said, “Our goal is to enable mortgage lenders to achieve top performance through continuous financial optimization and Alight Mortgage Lending is the solution to do just that.

“Customers can use Alight Mortgage Lending to quickly understand the impact of marketplace events on their financial performance, at anytime, and make immediate decisions,” added McGovern.

Alight Mortgage Lending gives users the ability to quickly and easily plan for future changes and growth opportunities in their business and industry, including:

>> Planning for expansion, including the opening of new branches and lines of business

>> Clear and up-to-the minute views of cash flow requirements

>> Real-time planning for optimal staffing levels

>> Deep insights into warehouse utilization

“Alight Mortgage Lending has changed how I work and how I view the entire budgeting and planning process,” said Barbara Lamb, JMAC Lending. “What used to be something you did once a year and then perhaps re-forecasted again once during the year, or maybe quarterly, is now an exercise that can be done anytime. This means firms now can know, in a truly real-time way, how ready their business is for change and shifts in the market.

Alight Mortgage Lending is a SaaS application, with anytime, anywhere access, including on mobile devices. Alight Mortgage Lending is also available on-premises for those firms that prefer deployed solutions. In either case, customers have full access to the applications broad functionality.

“We’re particularly excited about this launch, as for the first time, mortgage lending firms will have a real-time understanding of the myriad ripple effects that industry changes and events have on their income statements, balance sheets and cash flows. Alight Mortgage Lending will be the tool they use to turn challenges into opportunities,” concluded McGovern.