Lender Increases Production With Technology

It’s always good when technology pays off. For example, South Carolina-based AllSouth Federal Credit Union (AllSouth) completed 58 percent of its mortgage applications through Mortgagebot Advisor after just two months of going live with the Web-based solution.

Having used D+H’s MortgagebotPOS platform for years, most of AllSouth’s mortgage loan volume comes through its self-serve, online channel. To further enhance efficiency and member service, the credit union recently decided to enable its branch and call center staff to take mortgage applications as well. After adding MortgagebotPOS Advisor (though opting to not utilize the product and pricing engine as a way to best fit its needs), the institution quickly saw a significant boost in volume.

“I was delighted at the level of production after just one month,” said Thomas Boswell, vice president of mortgage lending, AllSouth Federal Credit Union. “MortgagebotPOS Advisor gives us the best of both worlds. We utilize our branch network to add convenience and provide better service to our members, but leave the in-depth mortgage discussions and analysis to staff members who are fully trained in this area of speciality.”

Using MortgagebotPOS Advisor, AllSouth captures walk-in and call-in business because more employees are equipped to collect the application data without being formally trained or experienced in mortgage lending.

From a convenience perspective, Boswell explained, MortgagebotPOS Advisor is a ‘win-win’ for AllSouth. “The applications come in electronically, so the solution eliminates the manual paperwork and re-keying typically generated by staff members collecting data. Our staff has remarked that they can’t believe how easy it is to use. Additionally, the great service we get from D+H is a key differentiator for us over competitors.”

The benefits AllSouth is seeing span beyond its staff. Having the additional branch and call center capabilities also equips the credit union to better serve its member base – regardless of the channel from which they initiate the mortgage loan process.

“We are thrilled to see the impressive results AllSouth is experiencing with MortgagebotPOS Advisor,” said Scott Hansen, senior vice president of marketing, D+H. “In this digital era, this example reaffirms the need for financial institutions to remain committed to offering the same services across multiple channels and touch points. We believe a channel synchronization model is critical to ensuring a superior member experience, while maximizing opportunities.”

Mortgagebot is a key component of D+H’s end-to-end lending platform and provides solutions for automating loan applications, pricing, approvals, disclosures, as well as processing, closing, imaging and secondary marketing.