Innovation Should Never Stop

Each year PROGRESS recognizes industry innovation. We also like to check back to see how our winners are doing. In this case, a la mode announced that Mercury Mobile, a free mobile app enabling appraisers to respond to new Mercury Network orders instantly, is now available for Android as a download using the Google Play store.

The iOS version was released to critical acclaim, earning our prestigious Innovations Award. Lenders and AMCs placing orders on the Mercury Network see instantaneous turn time improvements, since vendors can accept, negotiate terms, or decline an order while in the field instead of waiting to be back in the office. Appraisers using the app eliminate the risks of losing valuable orders that may be otherwise reassigned while they’re doing field inspections.

Since Mercury Network powers over 20,000 appraisal orders a day and is used by over 600 of the nation’s lenders and AMCs to manage scalable, efficient, and compliant valuation processes, the release of the much-anticipated Android version will have a significant and immediate effect on the industry’s efficiency.

Combined with a la mode’s industry-dominating mobile appraisal inspection and sketching product, TOTAL for Mobile, the appraiser can handle the entire order-to-inspection cycle onsite on their mobile device, further cutting turn times.

“Mercury Mobile is a critical innovation for the industry because of the immense transaction volume of Mercury Network, and our unique distribution network to appraisers”, noted Jennifer Miller, president of a la mode’s Mortgage Solutions Division. “Since more appraisers nationwide use our desktop software than all other brands combined, we have the market share to penetrate the appraisal market with sizable installs, so an industry impact is felt immediately.”

Learn from a la mode, innovation doesn’t stop once you’ve won an award, good companies never stop innovating.

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Tony Garritano

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