Assistance For Settlement Agents

NextDeal (formerly Digital Docs) a developer of Software as a Service solutions designed to assist settlement agents to grow their revenue, is making its encryption software, SafeSend, available to the settlement services industry at no cost.

SafeSend is an encryption e-mail platform touted for its ease-of-use. The system can standalone or integrate with Microsoft Outlook.

Robert Reich, President of NextDeal, said that NextDeal is making SafeSend available at no cost because protecting non-public information (NPI) has become critical for an industry staggering under a number of new and increased costs, and NextDeal is in a position to assist.

“It is very important to see the title industry survive and thrive. It’s in our best interest as well as the best interests of the larger real estate industry. Title agents in particular are facing staggering cost increases and shrinking margins. If we can help the industry avoid one more expense, then this initiative is well worth it. We’d also like more agents to be aware of what NextDeal can do to help them in this changing environment.”