Executive Spotlight: Jack Daly, Author Of “Hyper Sales Growth”

Jack DalyThis week, the Executive Spotlight receives a visit from one of the most prominent sales trainer in today’s business world: Jack Daly, a former executive vice president of Fleet Mortgage Group, a former co-owner and chief operating officer of Platinum Capital Group and author of the Amazon best-seller “Hyper Sales Growth.”

Q: In your opinion, is it possible to grow a vibrant company in a dismal economy?

Jack Daly: A vibrant company can most certainly be grown in a dismal economy. In fact, many successful large companies today (Microsoft, Apple, etc) were given birth during a down economy. I would argue that it in fact can prove to be a growth advantage for companies to amp up their “culture vibrancy” during a dismal economy, and you will attract and retain top talent, while others are crying in their beer.

Q: Why is it that so many corporate cultures today seem to discourage innovation?

Jack Daly: Innovation requires the element of “risk taking”, and without encouragement by company leadership, most employees are hesitant to take such risk. This is particularly true in tighter economic times. Safety is found by staying “in the box”, as opposed of going “outside the box.” People will typically go to the areas that are offering recognition and rewards, and in most business cultures, the innovation arena is not found to be such a source.

Q: What are the key signs that you know that your company is sinking?

Jack Daly: Key signs of a company that is sinking in a difficult economy are plentiful. Not to make light of things, but if coffee has typically been provided free to the team and now switches to pay for use, it’s time to turn out the lights! Of course, repetitive layoffs tell a big story. We typically find communication becoming less frequent or rare, just the opposite of what is needed. Additionally, investments stop being made in new business development, all point to a company which has thrown it in.

Q: Ultimately, what separates a good CEO from a great CEO?

Jack Daly: A great CEO is one with a clear and communicated vision, consistently active in the field with one’s ear to the happenings inside and outside the company, ensuring his/her key leaders are properly focused on the proven systems and processes that will deliver on the vision. All along the way, the great CEO plays the role of the Cheerleader and “Culture Enforcer.”

Jack Daly is online at www.jackdaly.net.