Covering Your Assets

Consolidated Analytics, as an AMC, has observed and participated in the dynamic changes that the industry has undergone as a grand focus on regulations and compliance has become pivotal in day-to-day operations.

One of the main issues we’ve seen many lenders encounter during the past few years are the negative consequences of choosing a vendor partner that doesn’t truly understand the importance of balancing the costs of compliancy and benefits of production. Most recently, lending institutions have found a great need to focus their efforts on vendor oversight. A thorough evaluation of third-party relationships that are considered to be mission-critical to a business should be conducted periodically. Historically, this aspect of daily operations has played a smaller role as lending institutions are overburdened with keeping up with the already overwhelming level of regulations. Nevertheless, lenders who maintain a level of flexibility are experiencing the least impact in production as they adjust operations in order to implement compliance procedures to meet the regulatory requirements; all while taking care to keep emphasis on production.

With each new regulation the margin for error becomes narrower, and the industry is compelled to provide an effective balance between quantity in production and quality in product and service. The key component to remaining compliant in the ever-changing regulatory arena largely depends on the tools a lending institution possesses. One such tool for success is the technology infrastructure that is implemented into the operations of a lending institution. Flexibility is key. Modern technology that delivers appropriate screening of vendor performance allows the lender to uphold compliancy with regulatory agencies while providing the vendor valuable feedback and a platform to deliver compliant reports and products. In essence, a certain level of transparency begets accountability, and relationships blossom into successful partnerships.

At Consolidated Analytics, we treasure our partnerships. We recognize, embrace, and support the necessary technology needed to develop those partnerships and make them thrive. Being integrated with technology like Mercury Network allows us the opportunity to deliver our suite of products at top-level service to all of our clients. We understand the importance of risk management and due diligence that lenders must consider with their third-party relationships; therefore, we maintain the same level of flexibility in our operations, as well, in order to adjust procedures according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Operating with the right technology infrastructure provides an innovative platform to receive valuable feedback, positive and constructive, in order to help lenders meet that demand of quantity and quality, every time.

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