AMC Streamlines Workflow

CoesterVMS, a nationwide appraisal management and technology provider, has enhanced its Encompass integration to allow CoesterVMS clients to use the Cloud Control System as a native application that can be built directly into their workflow and business rules.

“Our development team has taken the time to build an integration that is years ahead of anything else on the market,” said Brian Coester, CEO of CoesterVMS. “Our goal is to provide unprecedented means of efficiency to the mortgage origination process. This integration does that and more.”

The interface also is open to CoesterVMS’ web services to allow appraisal data to transfer between its system and Encompass. Information such as appraised value, appraiser name, the number of bedroom and bathroom can be easily sent directly to Encompass.

“It’s a really solid interface and something that the industry has needed,” said David Marguilies, Executive Vice President, Director Global Sales at American Financial Resources/eLend, which has used the integrated platform for nearly three years. “This enhancement is a testament to CoesterVMS’ attention to detail and consideration of the customer experience. The company has successfully dialed into the latest technology and compliance needs while providing an amazing customer experience.”

The integration is currently available in Encompass Services Tab under CoesterVMS Direct.

“The industry has moved data between the LOS and vendors going back to the early 90’s but there’s moving data and then there is sophisticated integration,” explained Scott Cooley, mortgage technology consultant. “The CoesterVMS/Ellie Mae interface is just the sort of interface we could only dream of back then. I’m most impressed with how the interface handles transferring data seamlessly, which allows originators to get the information they need on a more timely basis and without errors. This raises the bar for the entire industry.”