The Master Of Your Own Success, Pt. 2

Last month I started talking about success. We all desire to be successful, but we don’t always know how to get there. In an article entitled “Keys To Successful People in Life and Business,” some great tips are shared that I think are worth discussing further. Here’s how you can become successful:

See the Possible – Nothing is impossible. Miracles happen every day – Work smart and stay focused on achieving your end goal. Don’t take “no” for an answer. At the end of the day, it’s about being passionate for achieving your goals. Your determination and perseverance pays off. Lenders may not jump all over your technology right away, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever.

Take Risks – Sitting still today won’t make tomorrow successful. The really big rewards come from taking risks, not from playing it safe. Expand your horizons. (Milestone’s success has come from the willingness of our team to try new things every day and having a “yes” attitude.) Don’t just put this feature or that feature into your solution because that’s what the other guy offers. You have to dare to be different.

Seek Excellence and Embrace Change – Strive for excellence. You can achieve your own excellent performance, but doing something well once only gets you so far. Figure out how to replicate your achievement effectively across your organization to really make the difference. Always be on the lookout for what is needed today and tomorrow. Be open to new ideas. Think about ways to improve your own performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Smell the Roses – Stop and smell flowers and sing in the shower. Make time to enjoy life and do what you like most. I know there’s nothing as good as getting more lender market share and closing more deals, but don’t do that at the expense of your health and well being.

Balance – Healthy Mind & Body – Maintain a balanced routine for staying healthy with workouts or meditation. It is easy to get absorbed in the day-to-day grind, so carve out time to stay active. Your mortgage technology company will never go mainstream if you’re not around.

Make it a Good Time-You can’t keep time in your hand. Do not postpone important decisions, activities, and constant learning for tomorrow. Do not waste time in useless activities that don’t help you grow.

Surround yourself with highly successful people-You become who you engage yourself with. Look outside of your circle of friends. Talk to new lenders and vendors to get new ideas.

Set Up Your Goals – Personal & Professional-Establish daily, weekly and monthly goals. Measure your performance towards these goals. Identify what you need to change or do differently to achieve your goals.

Listen – Listen to feedback and be flexible in changing your policies and procedures. Successful companies translate their customer’s/employee’s feedback into meaningful action. Genuinely care about your customers/clients. The best relationship you can have with your customers is when they completely trust your opinions and actions and know that you truly care about them. Focus on serving the customer well and your company will be successful.

Learn – Education is a life-long voyage and your quest for greater learning should never stop. Keep educating, keep learning, be an expert, stay connected, and surround yourself with intelligent people. Challenge and push yourself to think differently, and be innovative to exceed the needs of your customers. Set up educational goals – teach something new every day and learn something new every day. Look for new ways to achieve these goals.

Trust Your Self – Believe in your own capability and potential. Keep a positive attitude, determination, and stamina. Believe in giving more than is expected.

Be Accountable – Take accountability for your actions. Take your job seriously. Worry about your reputation. Don’t burn bridges. Your presence should make a difference.

Now take this advice and become the next mortgage technology success story.

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Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond is chief strategy officer at PROGRESS in Lending Association and is the founder and president of NexLevel Advisors. They provide solutions in business development, strategic selling, marketing, public relations and social media. He has close to two decades of leadership, management, marketing, sales and technical product experience. Michael held prior executive positions such as CEO, CMO, VP of Business Strategy, Director of Sales and Marketing and Director of Marketing for a number of leading companies. He is also only one of about 60 individuals to earn the Certified Mortgage Technologist (CMT) designation. Michael can be contacted via e-mail at