LOS Adds Mobile Connection

Mortgage Builder has introduced an Architect Connect enhancement to its flagship LOS, Architect. Architect Connect allows borrowers to directly interact with the system through their computers and mobile devices, adding convenience for consumers and saving time and money for lenders.

John Vella, Chief Operating Officer of Mortgage Builder and Equator, both Alitsource businesses, said, “Architect Connect brings borrowers into the loan experience online from wherever they happen to be, anywhere in the world. They can upload required information, communicate with their lender via the LOS on a 24/7 basis and check real-time loan status from their tablet, smartphone or computer. It’s instant gratification for borrowers and lenders alike.”

Architect Connect provides benefits to both lenders and borrowers. Lenders can now offer customers more services via their computers and mobile devices including lead capture, prequalification and interactive Form 1003 loan applications, and the reporting and analytics they need to stay compliant. Borrowers can now use Architect Connect to quickly check the status of their loan on a computer or mobile device, avoiding constant time-consuming phone calls that have long been a costly fact of life for lenders.

Brian Abbott, Mortgage Builder’s Director of Corporate Initiatives, said, “Architect Connect enables a secure, completely transparent process that allows lenders to know exactly how their sales efforts are doing at any time.  Many tasks that used to take hours on the phone with a loan officer or a processor can now be completed on a self-service basis by the borrower using Architect Connect.”

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