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TeleVoice and Black Knight Financial Services have collaborated to develop several innovative solutions that can improve how lenders and servicers manage their customer service communications channels while increasing operational efficiency. Here’s what they accomplished:

The companies developed several TeleVoice applications, then integrated them with MSP, Black Knight’s servicing system. MSP is a complete, end-to-end system used by financial institutions to manage all servicing processes, including loan boarding, escrow administration, investor reporting and more that offers servicers the ability to meet all mortgage and consumer loan servicing needs for any size portfolio. The applications developed include:

>> IVR Payoff Autofax – Prepares and faxes a payoff statement from MSP, when requested by borrowers through the TeleVoice Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, for more efficient processing;

>> SpotLight – Helps servicers manage day-to-day call processing between borrowers and their assigned contact via a comprehensive single point of contact (SPoC) call management solution;

>> Interactive Voice Response – Improves call efficiency by integrating an automated voice response system with Black Knight’s MSP servicing platform to provide borrowers with immediate, secure access to loan-related information via touchtone phone; and

>> Screen Pops – Improves the caller experience and productivity by delivering an online snapshot of the customer’s loan data to a customer service representative when a call is transferred from the IVR.

“During Black Knight’s 26-year business relationship with TeleVoice, we have worked together to provide servicers with solutions that help them offer better service to their customers; manage their operations more efficiently and cost-effectively; and support their efforts to maintain compliance with industry regulations,” said Joe Nackashi, Black Knight’s chief information officer and president of its Servicing Technologies division.

New American Funding is one of the lenders that has benefited from TeleVoice’s IVR and one-time draft processing.

“Having a solution in place that offers our customers the best experience they can have when they call us is very important and in line with our mission to provide stellar customer service,” said Carol Norton, vice president of system support at New American Funding. “TeleVoice’s commitment to working with us to ensure we have the right system for our needs that meets regulatory requirements has made the implementation process easier.”

“The TeleVoice team of consultants, developers, programmers and support personnel has an average of 15 years of experience working with Black Knight’s MSP technology and with servicers of all sizes,” said Barry Hays, senior vice president of TeleVoice. “This experience has translated into a strong partnership that benefits all parties involved. We look forward to continuing our work with Black Knight and its clients.”

Black Knight offers the full suite of TeleVoice call center solutions to its growing client base. An active Black Knight-TeleVoice User Group, composed of servicing clients, meets regularly to help shape TeleVoice product development.

“The Black Knight-TeleVoice User Group has been an essential part of helping us meet our commitment to deliver solutions that address the changing needs of the servicing industry,” Hays added.

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