Disaster Recovery Made Easier

Rentsys Recovery Services has launched an initiative seeking to align with bank core providers, managed service providers, healthcare software companies and regional data center providers to enable them to offer Black Cloud Virtual Office as a business continuity solution to their customers. Here’s the significance:

Black Cloud Virtual Office integrates directly with Rentsys’ other disaster recovery products and enables financial institutions and healthcare providers to recover workstations faster after a disaster has occurred. Users can access workstations from any location or device with an Internet connection and eliminates the cost of having to buy and maintain expensive hardware, such as computers. Additionally, healthcare and financial providers are able to meet regulatory requirements regarding recovery time, retrieve key applications, such as email, in real-time and reduce the risk of losing important data during an unplanned outage or disaster.

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“Offering our Black Cloud Virtual Office solution to the healthcare and financial industries through prominent technology providers enables bankers and healthcare providers to take advantage of technology options that are seamlessly integrated with their existing software solutions,” said Brandon Tanner, senior manager at Rentsys. “The addition of Rentsys’ Black Cloud Virtual Office solution enhances compliance and strengthens the ability to recover more efficiently in the event of a disaster.”

Founded in 1995, Rentsys Recovery Services is a provider of business continuity and compliance testing solutions for businesses ranging from healthcare, banking and energy to large enterprise organizations. The company’s solutions enable businesses to comply more effectively with regulatory requirements, improve data security and speed up the organization’s ability to recover key IT systems and data after an unplanned outage or disaster has occurred. The company offers business continuity software, professional planning services and customizable and testable solutions, which include communications systems, mobile recovery centers and cloud-based data backup.