What Has Fannie Mae Really Done?

In response to widespread misinformation regarding Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter (CU) initiative, a la mode’s Mercury Network has published a collection of expert opinions with step-by-step guidance based on first hand experience and best practices. Here’s what CU really means to the industry:

In light of the January 26th CU launch, anyone involved in appraisal operations can avoid delays and benefit from the guidance of industry veterans who have already been using CU. Several Mercury Network customers have been participating in the pre-launch pilot for weeks. In addition, more than 600 lenders and AMCs rely on Mercury Network to power more than 20,000 appraisal deliveries a day, so Mercury has already seen thousands of submissions to CU.

The paper includes interviews with:

>> Jennifer Miller, president of Mercury Network, “CU: Don’t be alarmed. You’re ready.”

>> Wes McDaniel, Chief Appraiser at United Lender Services

>> Bill Waltenbaugh, Chief Appraiser at AXIS Appraisal Management

>> Annemaria Allen, CEO and President, The Compliance Group

>> Kevin Golden, Director of Analytics, a la mode, inc.

For more information, visit www.mercuryvmp.com/CUInsight.

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