Executive Spotlight: Jared James of Jared James Enterprises

Jared-JamesThis week, our spotlight focuses on motivation, and our guest is one of the most respected and influential motivational speakers in today’s real estate finance world: writer/real estate agent/training coach Jared James, who runs Jared James Enterprises out of Milford, Conn.

Q: What inspired you to become a coach/trainer for the financial services and real estate industries?

Jared James: It is not something you ever plan to do, it just kind of happens. After I had achieved a lot of success in my own career, I started getting asked a lot to speak at events – first locally, and then nationally. Before I knew it I was getting rave reviews from the audience and getting asked over and over again if I offered coaching.

You only have to hear that so many times before a light bulb goes off and you realize that other people see something there and wanted me to offer coaching and training. It started small, like anything else, but grew very quickly once I was able to communicate a repeatable process to follow for predictable results.

Q: How do financial and real estate professionals benefit from your input, especially your weekly coaching services?
Jared James:
I make it a point to keep our weekly broadcasts short and to the point. There is no fluff. Our students tune in every week to get specific strategies to grow that they can implement right away and the motivation to follow through. For anyone that isn’t available live, the broadcast is recorded and available all week on their dashboard on demand.

Q: How would you categorize the mood of your target audiences? Do you see them as optimistic, apprehensive or cautious?

Jared James: It really depends. A lot of times I end up speaking at events where I already have some context with many people in the audience due to things like social media. People are able to follow me and connect all throughout the year which creates a great excitement at the event. Other times I get up in front of audiences that I have no context with and have to spend a little more time in the beginning gaining their trust and making them feel like I’ve got something that they are going to want to hear. There is something about that challenge that I still love.

Q: What have been some of the measurable results that have been tracked back to your training and motivation?

Jared James: This is really what my company is all about: results. That’s why in addition to the coaching and training that we offer, we also have a marketing department that does nothing but create leads for our clients.

The best thing about creating leads for people is that you can’t fake results. They are either getting them or they aren’t which makes that part of our company so measurable. We also get testimonials every day from our coaching/training clients in our private Facebook group, by email and in other ways telling us about things that have happened in their businesses because of strategies they have implemented as a result of being in our program.

Just yesterday, I was stopped by a lady in New York who told me that she wouldn’t have been in the business any more if she hadn’t of joined our program last year. It’s gratifying, to say the least.

Jared James is online at www.jaredjamestoday.com.