ISGN Launches A Dynamic Servicing System

ISGN has released its latest loan servicing system, LoanDynamix. Built on over three decades of technology expertise of LSAMS, ISGN delivers its next generation loan servicing system, LoanDynamix, to meet the new demands of servicing by fusing proven servicing utility with state-of-the-art technology. Here’s why it’s different:

Delivered through a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, LoanDynamix is an out-of-the-box solution that offers a smooth migration from existing solutions. It is easily accessible from any browser, anytime and anywhere so servicers can work where and how they are most comfortable. Supporting the entire servicing lifecycle, LoanDynamix can scale from a few thousand to more than six million loans while substantially improving operational performance, supercharging productivity and abbreviating turnaround times. By improving and automating loan boarding, transaction processing and banking, investor accounting, collections and payoffs, LoanDynamix can help servicers increase staff productivity, manage higher loan volumes with existing staff, and increase business profitability.

Additionally, LoanDynamix provides a window into servicers’ business. An intuitive dashboard, as well as point and click reporting, gives servicers transparency into portfolio and loan-level analytics, aids in the assessment of early delinquency and compliance with federal and investor regulations. Dedicated to compliance, LoanDynamix also offers user-definable business logic to adhere to investor and government regulations, including disclosures and notices. It also automates HUD/FHA reporting requirements, manages borrower communication and tracks multiple escrow lines.

“Mortgage servicing comes with a myriad of challenges,” said Paul Imura, CMO and senior executive of ISGN. “In fact, the majority of mortgage-related complaints received by the CFPB stem from servicing and defaults, and, more than a third are due to routine servicing functions like management of payments, escrow and transfers. Our industry is ready for change. We believe one in three servicers are looking to replace their core platforms. One way to affect change is through core servicing systems. With LoanDynamix, our servicer clients can differentiate themselves in terms of lower operating costs and a higher level of efficiency and automation that can free up resources to drive capital creation.”

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