Executive Spotlight: Robert L. Reich of Keep

Robert L ReichThis week, the spotlight is on an entrepreneur with a new real estate marketing concept. Robert L. Reich is founder and CEO of Keep, a post-close marketing tool for real estate and lending professionals that provides homeowners with regular financial updates about their homes and mortgages while helping real estate professionals to capture repeat business by notifying them when their clients may be back in the market.

Q: What was the inspiration for Keep? 

Robert L. Reich: In addition to my technology background at NextDeal, I also have a finance degree (BBA from Mercer University), and in my first career I was a financial consultant in Orlando. My experience providing targeted content to homeowners via NextDeal for title agents for the last six years eventually led me to create a real estate agent product that would rid the world of refrigerator magnets and calendars. My finance background spoke loudly to me a year ago and the concept of Keep was born: true and accurate financial reporting to homeowners on their largest asset similar, but much easier to read, than what you would get from your investment counselor.
Q: The concept of Keep makes perfect sense for real estate and mortgage professionals. But do homeowners genuinely wish to keep in touch with these professionals once they close on their homes and move on with their lives in their new residences? 

Robert L. Reich: NAR statistics (which vary year-to-year) show 80%-90% of homeowners would do business with their real estate professional again – and about 10% can remember who they were.
Q: How are you marketing Keep? And what kind of reaction are you getting on this product? 

Robert L. Reich: Our marketing consists of direct marketing to mostly real estate brokers and lenders and relationships with industry influencers who are introducing us to their contacts. We are actively exploring integration opportunities with complimentary technology providers.

The reaction has been off the charts. We have received hundreds of inquiries just from a 30 second pitch I did on stage at Inman.
Q: While Keep makes sense for the real estate world, are there other similar applications that can be used in other industries? And are you looking into pursuing these applications? 

Robert L. Reich: There are other potentials applications – insurance agents and financial services come to mind immediately. Any professional wishing to improve their client relationship post-sale to improve repeat business and referrals through valuable data driven content is a candidate for Keep.

Keep is online at www.getkeep.net.