Technology Assists With Pre-Purchase Counseling

Making Acceptable Homeowners (MAH), a non-profit mortgage underwriting counseling agency, has partnered with IndiSoft’s to deploy RxOffice Counseling Management System (CMS) to manage their pre-purchase counseling cases to assist clients in achieving the goal of homeownership. RxOffice CMS provides an easily accessible and secure channel for counselors to communicate with homeowners, creating an avenue for counselors to collect required documents.

“Time management is paramount in our business, and RxOffice CMS has allowed us to streamline and automate communication with our clients,” said Stephen Lewis, founder and CEO of MAH. “With IndiSoft’s direct-to-consumer portal, MAH can now upload documents and send important reminders to clients and counselors effectively.”

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Irving, Texas-based MAH has experienced mortgage underwriting professionals working to build community and economic growth by advancing strategic counseling to develop qualified home buyers. The agency offers services to clients virtually and via phone. Prior to implementing RxOffice CMS, MAH found it challenging to communicate with clients and securely collect documents while tracking the progress from both a counselor and an agency perspective. MAH also had challenges with client follow-ups in a timely manner. “With the vast amount of documentation we need to consolidate, it was essential that we find a CMS that would make this transition seamless and have everything within one database,” Lewis explained.

To improve efficiency, MAH is using the RxOffice CMS module through a customized workflow that automatically reminds counselors and clients if documents have been uploaded.

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“RxOffice CMS will improve the productivity and efficiency of MAH with the customized workflow catered to its needs,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and president of IndiSoft, a technology development firm that specializes in systems for the financial services industry. “Automating the process, improving communication between all the involved parties and detailed reporting are important to counseling agencies and their funding streams, which are often dependent on the number of clients they manage.”