Survey: What Realtors Want From Lenders

Inman released the top-line findings from a new study entitled, “What Real Estate Brokers and Agents Want From Lenders,” that examines why real estate professionals choose to recommend a particular lender, what kinds of lenders they prefer and what behavior puts a lender in the penalty box. The study also explores the ineffectiveness of lender marketing, the chilling effect that RESPA is having on broker/lender relationships and their early opinions on big bank “listing” apps.

Commissioned by Inman, the survey was conducted by 1000watt, a real estate brand, marketing and strategy firm, in April. Respondents were mostly real estate agents (74%), but 26% of respondents identified as real estate brokers. More than half of respondents (60%) were independent and unaffiliated with a particular real estate franchise. The remaining 40% were affiliated with top firms. In addition to the survey, individual phone interviews were conducted with real estate brokerage executives running companies with more than 500 agents.

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Here are some of the highlights:

The Who’s and Why’s of Relationships

>> Nearly half of the Realtors surveyed said they prefer working with mortgage brokers over banks and non-banks.

>> Cultural fit and breadth of products are the number one and two reasons for selecting a mortgage partner.

>> Agents are mainly monogamous: 77% say they have one lender who they refer most often to clients.

>> Speed and responsiveness are the most important considerations to refer a lender.

Leads are not a two-way street: 79% aren’t getting leads from their lenders, but 74% would like them—from lenders they know and trust.

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Lender Marketing: Does It Work or Not?

>> The largest percentage of respondents was unsure as to whether lender marketing was effective.

>> More than 35% felt marketing wasn’t effective in building relationships with agents; less than 30% felt it was.

>> Operations with in-house lenders believed that on-site presence was the most effective way to increase capture rates; followed by technology and training; less than 10% of respondents felt print or email marketing was effective.

Tying the Knot or Not?

>> Only 24% of brokers have Marketing Service Agreements (MSAs) with lenders.

>> Only 2% of brokers have Affiliated Business Arrangements (ABAs) with lenders.

>> 42% are now reluctant to enter into MSAs and/or partnerships with lenders due to RESPA concerns.

The Impact of Internet and Mobile Apps

>> Increasingly, clients are doing their shopping for a lender on the Internet and don’t need a recommendation from their Realtor.

>> Big bank efforts to promote mobile apps, like Chase’s MyNewHome or Nationstar Mortgage’s get mixed reviews as 38% were very uncomfortable with them, and 30% were somewhat uncomfortable with these proprietary mobile apps.

“Real estate agents wield an enormous amount of influence in purchase transactions, and so they are a critically important audience and referral source to lenders,” said Brad Inman, publisher and owner of Inman. “But, as this research shows, there’s a wide gap between ‘wanting a relationship’ with agents and brokers and building a successful one. Hopefully, this study will help lenders ‘crack the code’ to develop more effective partnerships.”

The complete study is available to Inman Select members at

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