New Tool Helps Investors Evaluate Real Estate

CoreLogic has enhanced its Rent Amount Model include a new capitalization rate calculator that can quickly estimate the rate of return on single-family rental (SFR) properties. Rent Amount Model, part of the company’s Rental Analytics Suite, combines market-leading CoreLogic data with analytical tools for SFR investors and specialized lenders that can be used to evaluate the price and rent potential of properties for investment and portfolio management purposes.

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Using Rent Amount Model, investors can quickly run a variety of scenarios to help them evaluate properties during the early stages of the investment process. These include:

>> The cap rate on portfolios and individual properties using data powered by CoreLogic.

>> Monthly rent estimates for both SFR and attached properties, even in areas with few or no comps.

>> Detailed sales comps on each property, a cost-effective alternative to other valuation tools.

>> Additional optional CoreLogic data appends such as vacancy rates, AVMs and property characteristics.

Rent Amount Model draws upon multiple sources of real estate data from CoreLogic and is refreshed monthly to reflect changing market conditions. It offers 99+ percent coverage across the U.S. for the $1.8-trillion SFR market.

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“The SFR market continues to attract institutional investors who are looking for single-family homes that offer potential appreciation and solid rental-income returns,” said Randy Wussler, vice president, product general manager at CoreLogic. “With our Rent Amount Model, we’ve aggregated and standardized nationwide rental data that, when combined with analytic tools, can provide investors and lenders with actionable insights to help evaluate a property’s value and project investment income and returns.”

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