Vendor Helps Lenders Improve Operational Efficiency

Innovation starts with a vendor connecting the dots so lenders can achieve success. What do I mean by that? For example, Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc. (FICS), a provider of loan origination software, residential servicing software and commercial servicing software for the mortgage industry, has released its new Mortgage Servicer API solution to enable customers to integrate Mortgage Servicer functionality into their automated and/or scheduled workflow. Using the tools, servicers can configure unattended execution of programs and reports, such as end-of-day programs, monthly close outs, and customized modules that interface with the core system.

Available through Mortgage Servicer, version 8.20, Mortgage Servicer API aims to eliminate the potential for human error while saving institutions valuable time and resources performing routine tasks, such as running batch programs after hours or printing monthly statements. The Mortgage Servicer API is the answer to the challenge of creating a streamlined mortgage servicing workflow.

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Beta testers praised the system’s ability to configure reports and automate processes specifically for their situation and needs. One such beta tester is Align Credit Union located in Lowell, Mass.

“We have finally been able to completely automate our end-of-day procedures thanks to the new Mortgage Servicer API. We look forward to automating the day-to-day tasks next,” said Todd Caron, systems administrator for Align Credit Union. “The automation of these tasks not only saves time, but saves us money from not having our staff work overtime.”

The choice to publish an API (Application Program Interface) was a clear one, as it provides a flexible and open interface to be used with automation or task scheduling platforms. Mortgage Servicer API enables users to schedule dates and times for events to take place or to schedule an event that only occurs if a specific action occurs first. In addition, the solution includes a robust documentation website that lists all available API methods and their request/response formats to provide users with adequate guidance for utilizing and testing the different types of requests.

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“With our Mortgage Servicer API, we’ve further expanded upon our existing product with pre-defined functions that will allow our customers  to significantly streamline processes within their institutions,” said Susan Graham, president and COO of FICS. “By implementing the Mortgage Servicer API, our customers will not only experience increased operational efficiency, but also a more effective utilization of their staff’s time.”

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