Guard Your Online Reputation has released an update to its web-based loan officer review database that will provide a suite of management tools for lenders intent on helping their loan officers guard their online reputations and use their good reputations as a powerful marketing tool. This is a site-wide upgrade to the Software as a Service offering that will now give lenders the tools they need to effectively mitigate the risk posed by other online consumer review websites, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s public complaint database.

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“With this new release, we have created the ultimate platform to serve as the voice and the currency of trust for the mortgage industry,” said Rene Rodriguez, founder and Chief Executive Officer of “Lenders must both defend their online reputations and use them as effective marketing tools if they hope to succeed in winning consumer trust. We have built the Ethos Pledge into our platform and it is poised to become the currency of trust that will allow consumers to separate the best loan officers in the business from the rest.”

In addition to a host of performance improvements, the new release provides a suite of lender tools that allow company and branch managers to monitor their loan officers’ online reputation, help them manage and improve them and then provide a set of compliant marketing tools that will extend their good online reputations out into the real world where they can win new business from Realtors, builders and other referral partners. One of the ways the platform accomplishes this is by providing a central place where real estate agents and consumers can go to find quality, trusted, verified mortgage professionals.

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New features and benefits offered in the new release include:

  • Automatically imports loan officers to company portal by NMLS number
  • Allows management to set all links to display automatically on LO pages
  • Provides powerful marketing tools based on LO profiles
  • Allows LOs and managers to request consumer reviews in bulk
  • Update re-requests sort out consumers who have previously responded
  • Management reports provide data on each LO’s review performance
  • Management reports track on-time closes for all LOs with the option to opt-out
  • Allows Lenders to collect credible proof that they foster a culture of customer service

“Reputation management is vitally important today,” Rodriguez said. “But reputation marketing is just as important, if not more so. The good reputation a lender’s loan officers have earned does little good if no one knows about it. That’s why we’ve built powerful tools into the upgraded platform to make marketing easier for LOs and compliance management easier for managers.”

The new platform is live now and loan officers who have claimed their online profiles now have access to the reputation management and marketing tools. Lenders interested in accessing the management suite should contact the company. In 2014, the company launched with over 500,000 loan officer profiles and was named as one of the Top 50 Mortgage Service Providers in America.

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