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ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, a national, non-profit financial counseling agency that provides consumers with budget, debt and housing counseling, financial education and financial coaching services designed to resolve financial issues and enhance financial capability, experienced an influx of cases and data increased, ClearPoint was challenged in effectively managing information and collecting documents. Due to a steady growth in the number of cases, the counseling agency was in search of a technology solution that would allow the overwhelming amount of information to remain organized. Obviously, the plethora of data and documents ClearPoint received created a kink in its processing and workflow efforts, reducing the agency’s productivity. With new partnerships added, more cases and files began to come in, resulting in the need for additional information on the already packed Excel spreadsheets. Management at the agency recognized there had to be an easier way to manage data, documents and reporting, while positioning for additional growth. Here’s what they did:

The agency initially implemented an in-house system that allowed employees to access information more quickly and easily. Shortly thereafter, ClearPoint learned about IndiSoft’s RxOffice and found the added functionality it needed, such as customized work flow, automated follow ups with the homeowners, case status reminders, etc.

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The IndiSoft team demonstrated how RxOffice CMS could provide various enhancements by adapting ClearPoint’s business process into the workflow and automating the case status where necessary. This would allow ClearPoint to save time and improve current workflow. In April 2013, ClearPoint implemented RxOffice CMS. Initially, ClearPoint used the technology on the cases it processed through its relationship with HOPE LoanPort (HLP), as RxOffice was already connected to HLP. ClearPoint could submit directly from RxOffice to HLP without downloading and re-uploading to another system, eliminating re-entry of data. As a result of the success with the HLP cases, ClearPoint began using the solution for its other Document Submission Assistance (DSA) programs, which delivers additional cases to ClearPoint for counseling from other channels such as lender referrals or servicer programs.

IndiSoft configured RxOffice CMS to meet ClearPoint’s workflow needs by creating streamlined communications, increasing the level of transparency throughout its process and automating reporting.

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Since the implementation of RxOffice CMS, homeowners have become more engaged with ClearPoint; more documents are being completed and returned to the agency. Automated email reminders are an example of an important efficiency provided to ClearPoint and a primary reason for improved homeowner-agency communication. One of the first in a series of possible emails comes after the initial counseling session when a pre-populated package is sent to the homeowner. Next, the system generates an email every five days to provide status updates and determine when the needed documents will arrive. Once ClearPoint receives at least one document from the homeowner, the system produces a “missing documents” email, in which homeowners are informed of the needed documents and due dates.

With the many documents required, the automated email system allows both ClearPoint and homeowners to stay more engaged throughout the document collection process. The transparency and communications with homeowners have allowed ClearPoint to ease the burden of submitting documents that must be no more than 30 days old. This ultimately saves ClearPoint the time and effort of determining when to best resend emails to get information needed to move a case forward. Overall, Clearpoint was able to see an increase in their productivity and in their completion of cases.

Counselors and management at ClearPoint using RxOffice CMS not only save time in reporting, but they also use the system to monitor case status and the agency’s performance on service delivery goals. Reporting has become almost instantaneous. Prior to RxOffice CMS, reporting would take almost two days but are now automatically generated and instantaneous. Each day, one report (a monthly production update) is sent to DSA agents while other reports (daily, weekly and monthly production) are sent to counselors.

ClearPoint has seen a 60 percent decrease in the amount of time needed to process loans and has successfully processed thousands of files through RxOffice CMS.

While RxOffice CMS is currently being used by the DSA division, Martin says she hopes to implement it and possibly other IndiSoft applications into other programs to enhance reporting, create automated processes and engage customers in a more effective manner. In addition to the accuracy and efficiency created by the technology, ClearPoint considered IndiSoft’s ability to configure technology specific to its unique needs a major determining factor in its decision to partner with the technology firm. The technology has improved ClearPoint’s ability to meet the increased needs of its customers through more frequent communications, more efficient processing and better overall service.

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