Helping Lenders Go Consumer Direct

STRATMOR Group, a consulting firm that helps mortgage banks build profitable mortgage lending operations, has announced a second Consumer Direct workshop to be held September 22-24 in Chicago. Earlier this year, the company presented this material to a group of mortgage banking executives here. The program was so well received that the company will return to the city later this month to provide follow-up material and to introduce this training to a wider audience.

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“Not only is this a nice venue in the fall, but it’s a well-attended workshop focused on the critical issues of the growing direct channel,” said Garth Graham, STRATMOR Group Managing Director. “At the conference earlier this year it was revealed that purchase volume through direct lenders had doubled in the past four years, and many lenders feel that it will continue to increase.

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“The workshop is designed for executives who manage the direct sales or marketing effort and is frequently attended by banking executives who are responsible for cross selling mortgages to bank customers. This workshop will cover:

  • Historical and current 2015 production trends for consumer direct
  • Cost to produce, cost per lead, cost per closed loan
  • Productivity by position
  • Operational metrics including UW turn times, app to close cycle times, submit to final approval
  • Sales recruiting, Compensation and Retention Strategies
  • How to penetrate purchase market (lead incubation, conversion, flow)
  • How to build a winning culture
  • Digital marketing, including social media and internet
  • Online application and lending technologies
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Lead conversion challenges and metrics
  • Bank branch referral and Marketing strategies
  • Cross selling – Products and Techniques
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Outsourcing strategies
  • Data mining – Affiliate Customer Databases
For more information or to register for this event, visit the STRATMOR Consumer Direct Workshop website. Attendees that register by September 4 will receive a discount on the program and have access to discounted accommodations.