Innovation Can Reinvent Correspondent Lending

Blue Sage Solutions has released the latest version of its Next Generation Digital Correspondent Lending Platform. The solution is designed specifically as an integrated Single Stack solution for seamless processing and communication between Correspondent Investors and their Originator network. The solution includes a robust Portal and LOS delivering the digital functionality Originators want and the intelligent loan processing functions Investors need.

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“Our team spent significant time working with clients to understand the broad set of business requirements. I think we hit the mark with the solution’s design and out of the box functionality” says President of Blue Sage Carmine Cacciavillani. He continues “using the latest technology stacks and the Cloud, allows us to deliver the intelligent automated solution the industry needs and deserves.”

The integrated Portal-LOS platform delivers the end-to-end functionality needed for originators to quickly submit loan files, as well as automated workflow for correspondent lenders to seamlessly process, decision and purchase compliant loan packages. The system supports delegated and non-delegated lending with configurability for real time two-way collaboration to drive process efficiency and transaction transparency.

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“Our clients like how rules based automation drives the process, eliminating manual tasks, increasing data accuracy and overall speed to close” says SVP Rob Strickland. ”Likewise correspondents want to work with lenders who provide automated platforms allowing them to quickly get their loans approved and purchased.”