New Predictive Tool Gets Broader Acceptance

CoreLogic announced that the CoreLogic RiskModel, an advanced commercial analytics system used to forecast future residential mortgage prepayments, defaults, losses and cash flows, is now fully integrated with PolyPaths, a market leader in fixed-income analytics. Here’s what this means:

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This is the first time the advanced simulation-based mortgage modeling system of RiskModel has been made available through PolyPaths. This integration will add market risk assessment and option-adjusted analysis to the broad range of existing RiskModel applications, which include loss forecasting, stress testing and model benchmarking. In addition, users of PolyPaths will be able to seamlessly access RiskModel to forecast mortgage asset performance and perform loan-level modeling to support valuation of agency credit risk-sharing deals and residential mortgage backed securities.

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“As a result of this integration, the premier predictive modeling capabilities of RiskModel are now easily accessible to fixed-income traders and investors using the industry’s pioneering multi-asset class framework—PolyPaths,” said Olumide Soroye, managing director of Information Solutions for CoreLogic. “This will improve the user experience for both PolyPaths and RiskModel clients and enable them to make better trading, investment and risk management decisions.”