AMC Helps Lenders Prevent Buybacks

Valuation Partners has launched a new appraisal tool that protects mortgage lenders from potential loan buybacks when properties receive a high-risk rating on Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter findings. The company’s new Market $en$e report examines in detail the reasons why an appraisal receives a high-risk score and offers solutions if the appraisal can be improved to get a better score.

Every Market $en$e report includes a complete analysis and explanation of the CU score by a licensed, certified appraiser, including a discussion of any unique property factors that made the appraisal challenging. The report identifies and explains any unusual items and includes a sales analysis, key statistics on comparable properties and nearby sales going back several years. If the appraisal can be improved, the Market $en$e report suggests remedies, including fixing any appraiser issues or including better comps.

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“More than ever, mortgage lenders and investors demand appraisals they can trust,” said Bill Fall, CEO of Valuation Partners. “High-risk collateral underwriter scores are a particular problem, especially if upon deeper analysis the scores aren’t warranted. Market $en$e provides lenders a high level of assurance and protection against buybacks even if the appraisal comes back with a high-risk score.”

As a standalone product, Market $en$e is faster and less expensive than a desk review. If Valuation Partners does the original appraisal and it receives a CU rating of 4 or 5, a Market $en$e report is automatically included at no additional cost.

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Valuation Partners provides nationwide coverage for quality appraisals through its network of geographically competent professionals. As a third-party intermediary, the company keeps originators informed while protecting the integrity of the process and assuring regulatory compliance. Every appraisal is backed by a dedicated account team available six days a week, Monday through Saturday.