Easing The Pathway For Brokers And Correspondents To Get To Lenders

SecondaryWire, Inc., the wholesale mortgage auction platform, has released a new integration with Calyx Point Software. Now, mortgage bankers and brokers can upload loan data directly from Calyx Point and automatically generate loan postings to receive bids for their mortgage loans from lenders on SecondaryWire.

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“SecondaryWire’s integration with Point is just the latest example of our commitment to ensuring that loan originators have the support they need to maximize their performance and serve their customers effectively,” said Larry Mullen, Founder and Executive Vice President of SecondaryWire. “We’re very excited to add direct support for the tool that so many of our customers rely on to originate and process their loans. Extending their workflow automation into lender outreach on our platform is a natural evolution for Point users.”

SecondaryWire is a wholesale mortgage auction platform that allows loan sellers to post auction listings with basic loan details, including loan amount, interest rates, and credit scores. Lenders can search for loans that meet specific portfolio requirements, bid on the loans and connect with brokers anywhere in the U.S., without the expense of opening branches or increasing staff.

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“We are always pleased about adding capabilities and new services to our products to help our customers. The integration with SecondaryWire will allow easy, secure access to an innovative platform which has the potential to help our customers increase their profitability and efficiency without increasing overhead expenses. This is the goal of every business,” said Dennis Boggs, Senior EVP for Calyx Software.