Service Provider Branches Out

DIMONT, the longest-serving provider of hazard claims insurance processing services to the residential and commercial mortgage industries in the United States, announced that it now offers minimum flood insurance requirements analysis services to mortgage servicers, banks, credit unions and investors.

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In this offering, DIMONT leverages its expertise in hazard insurance-related issues to assist its clients in determining the minimum level of flood insurance coverage needed on properties in light of the recent expansion of the allowable limits under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Following receipt of an assignment from a client, DIMONT’s licensed public adjusters and their support staff use their desktop adjusting tools to determine the value of the secured structure, enabling them to calculate the appropriate amount of flood insurance on the property.

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“Our flood service offering uses our expertise in hazard insurance to determine the appropriate level of flood insurance a servicer, bank, credit union or investor requires to have placed on a particular property,” said Denis Brosnan, president and chief executive officer of DIMONT. “We also make sure that the property is not overinsured in order to remain compliant with the complex regulatory scrutiny in this area.”