Integration Promotes Closing Insight

ValuAmerica, a national title agency, appraisal management company and technology provider, has successfully integrated its ValuNet xsp platform with the LoanSphere Closing Insight application to support any lender utilizing Closing Insight through a completely integrated solution. The solution is available from RealEC Technologies, a division of Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. Black Knight is a provider of integrated technology, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries.

Closing Insight is a Web-based solution that automates the loan closing process, enabling the integration of lender and settlement agent data to streamline the reconciliation of fees for final loan closing disclosures. Using a client-configurable rules engine, lenders and settlement agents have the ability to generate and review disclosure documents, which will help them meet loan-closing timeline requirements, and electronically fulfill title, closing and document signing orders.

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“The integration will create an efficient and secure electronic method of communicating with any lender using Closing Insight while producing the Closing Disclosure. By using the closing collaboration data transfer, the analytics, change tracking and systemic documentation will help keep all parties informed and in sync on a real-time basis,” said Shawn Murphy, executive vice president of ValuAmerica.

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“The integration with ValuAmerica’s ValuNet xsp platform furthers Black Knight’s efforts to drive a more seamless mortgage process through the use of Closing Insight,” said Gerardo Caceres, senior vice president of Client Delivery and Regulatory Strategy for RealEC Technologies. “We are pleased to offer Closing Insight’s efficiency and risk management tools to ValuAmerica’s clients.”