Is Your Compliance Legally Defensible?

The regulatory environment for today’s lender is exceedingly complex. Meeting your compliance burden is becoming more difficult each day, and the ever expanding risk for non- compliance is perilous.

As a lender, you should be focused on generating and maintaining a profitable business in this volatile market, rather than constantly worrying about the enormous and ever changing compliance landscape. Your burden is too great and the risk is too high to rely solely on your internal staff to provide compliant solutions that are legally defensible.

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“Legally defensible” means the “buck stops here.” Today’s challenging regulatory environment should not mean that compliance questions directed to your vendor, partner, or other service provider can answered by a “two step” response, where the first step is to delay and the second step is to defer to another. Rather, answers to compliance questions must “come from the source” – lawyers who are some of the most preeminent and knowledgeable in this industry.

Is your current document provider backed by a nationally recognized team of attorneys, who are the “go to” attorneys for real estate advice and mortgage document solutions? Do those attorneys provide advice, recommendations, and document solutions derived from years of experience, directly responsive to your needs and/or concerns? Do those attorneys thrash about the legal issues and build solutions that can be defended to your vendors or mortgage partners, before a regulator preparing to audit, or in a court of law?

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Depending on how you answer the questions above, you should expect from those answers a highly respected staff of attorneys who provide lenders like you with legally defensible compliance expertise. Unparalleled compliance solutions combined with years of real estate law experience, in-depth compliance insights with state-of-the-art technology to compliantly document your mortgage transactions is paramount. Your chosen solutions should provide industry leading built-in compliance checks to mitigate your risk and alleviate your compliance guesswork.

Regulatory pressure is mounting. You are faced with an immediate and compelling need to re-evaluate and update your institution’s capacity to successfully respond, analyze and compliantly implement mandated regulatory changes. This includes your ability to produce compliant documents for all your lending needs. Don’t get caught in the chaotic throws of being unprepared – rely on your trusted partner.

MRG’s attorneys and team of compliance experts recognize the business imperative of proactively monitoring and continuously analyzing regulatory changes, trends, and impending regulations that impact your business decisions. Our highly skilled team of professionals are constantly on alert for changes from all federal, state, local and investor requirements to provide you with up-to-date compliance from a source you can trust.

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