Banking and Securities Department Announces Quarterly Report on Enforcement Orders

The Department of Banking and Securities issued 18 enforcement orders during the fourth quarter of 2015. Fines and assessments for these orders totaled $123,357.56, including:

  • Four Consent Agreement and Orders issued for violations of the Pennsylvania Securities Act of 1972, two of which were reached as the result of investigations coordinated by multiple state financial services regulators;
  • One Consent Agreement and Order issued for violations of the Debt Settlement Services Act;
  • Nine Consent Agreement and Orders issued for violations of the Consumer Credit Code; and
  • Four Consent Agreement and Orders issued for violations of the Mortgage Licensing Act, one of which was reached as the result of an examination coordinated by multiple state financial services regulators that awarded consumers restitution.

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Comprehensive lists of enforcement orders administered by the Department of Banking and Securities are available online at under “Public Info.”

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