Partnership Enhances Commercial RE Analytics

VTS, a commercial real estate leasing and asset management platform, has entered into a new partnership with Ipreo to incorporate iLEVEL, a portfolio monitoring, analytics and reporting solution, into the VTS platform. VTS users will now be able to utilize iLEVEL features to streamline any custom reporting needs in real-time through a direct feed into Excel from the VTS platform.

Using this innovative custom reporting solution, VTS customers will be able to create any model in Excel and have their VTS portfolio and pipeline data feed into that model on demand. All data stored in VTS can now be exported into any Excel format by simply creating a model and refreshing the page – there’s no need to leave the Excel platform.

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“Whether you’re reporting to investors on fund performance or building custom models, VTS’ new solution enables you to do that on-demand with no data entry. VTS brings a fully customizable and flexible reporting solution for every asset, fund, client, or manager,” said Nick Romito, Co-founder & CEO of VTS. “We’re very excited to offer our users this type of added value.”

Historically, manually transferring data from one platform to another is time-consuming and may lead to inconsistencies between reports. Enabling users to update their custom Excel models with VTS data from one centralized location not only speeds up the entire data collection process but also helps ensure cohesive reporting.

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“We’re excited to bring our comprehensive iLEVEL monitoring, analytics and transparency tools to the VTS ecosystem,” said Kevin Black, EVP and Managing Director of Ipreo Private Capital Markets. “iLEVEL contains powerful features to enhance productivity and streamline reporting for commercial real estate professionals. This partnership should dramatically enhance the way the VTS system already helps commercial real estate professionals manage their day to day operations.”

This new partnership and solution is part of the growing VTS ecosystem. More than 10,000 brokers, landlords and asset managers trust VTS to manage their data and streamline their entire CRE processes.