Partnership Enables Faster Appraisal Data Exchange

LRES, a national REO and appraisal management company offering property valuations, asset management, HOA and technology solutions for the mortgage industry, announced that its LRES DirectConnect integration hub now fully integrates with Mercury Network, a software platform used by more than 700 lenders and AMCs to manage their collateral valuation workflow.

Through this partnership, LRES and Mercury Network offer seamless communication of appraisal orders for customers by  delivering collateral valuation reports and supporting data in the MISMO industry-standard format. The integration provides end-to-end automated connectivity while delivering reports and data for auditing and compliance purposes via a single management platform for faster appraisal data exchange.

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LRES has the ability to receive appraisal order requests and order modifications from clients directly through the Mercury Network and electronically delivers those orders into its proprietary LRES LINK order management platform.

“Our partnership with LRES allows for a faster valuation ordering process for lenders in a single, easily configurable interface,” said Adam Campbell, integration specialist at Mercury Network.

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“LRES’ integration with Mercury Network focuses on appraisal quality management and enhanced operational efficiency throughout the entire valuation lifecycle,” said Roger Beane, CEO of LRES.