A Creative Use Of Public-Record Data

CoreLogic has signed an agreement with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services to provide public record parcel data for every state and county in which Howard Hanna operates, including sold data going back 10 years. With more than 7,000 sales associates and 205 offices in eight states, Howard Hanna is the fourth largest real estate company in America.

“Today, only third-party websites have a page for every parcel,” said Chris Bennett, General Manager of Real Estate Solutions for CoreLogic. “Look up any address on a portal and they have a page of information built regardless of the property being an active or recently sold listing. If you looked on HowardHanna.com for an off-market listing last month, you would have received a message that the property was not found. With the help of CoreLogic, all of that has changed. Now every property has its own permanent page.”

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CoreLogic offers data for 99.9 percent of U.S. property records, representing more than 3,100 counties and 5,000 data fields, many of which are updated daily. In total, CoreLogic has more than 4.5 billion records spanning 50 years.

“We fulfill three enormous strategic goals for Howard Hanna with this data acquisition,” said Howard Hanna Executive Hoby Hanna. “First, from an SEO perspective, we will develop more authority for every property in our marketplace. Secondly, consumers will find information on every property in the market place, not just active listings. This will inform what transactions have happened in the neighborhood around a subject property and when. This leads to the third benefit of creating landing pages to develop opportunities for our company to invite homeowners to generate a seller inquiry on their property.”

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“Howard Hanna is striving to maintain its website as a center of excellence that differentiates its services,” said Bennett. “Public record data is the next frontier for brokers who intend to compete for consumer engagement online. By licensing CoreLogic data, Howard Hanna is aiming to beat the big portals at their own game and invest in long-term success.”

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