Some Very Good News For QC

This is week three of the QC Bowl! More and more folks are signing up and getting to work on reviewing those files. As of last Friday, 28% of the entrants were nearly finished with their reviews and more folks are signing up daily. This looks to be the largest contest of its kind ever conducted within the mortgage lending community. Just as exciting are the inquiries coming from executives, agencies and other entities in the industry. Everyone is delighted about the QC Bowl and it shows in the registrations.

Some friendly reminders:

  • You must complete all 10 loans to be eligible for one of the prizes.
  • Each loan must have a paragraph that explains your reasons for the rating you assigned the loan.
  • You can stop the review and go back to where you were without searching through all the files.
  • The program can be accessed anywhere there is WiFi available.

Some of the contestants have indicated that they had a problem accessing the program. If you were one of these individuals, please let those running the competition know. The organizers will work with you to ensure you are able to access the loan files and the questions. You can reach them at

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Wears have some exciting updates.

A New Sponsor. The QC Bowl is pleased and excited to announce that Advantium Capital has signed on as a sponsor for the QC Bowl. The company is known for providing products and services to the mortgage banking industry that are specifically designed to streamline and enhance the entire loan process from origination and secondary marketing through the post-closing and servicing. Their focus on quality products and services is well known and appreciated through-out the industry.

A Deadline extension. Many of the entrants have let the QC Bowl know that they have had delays in completing the loan reviews due to inclement weather, earthquakes and just too much snow. Since this has impacted so many, the organizers have decided to extend the completion deadline another week. Therefore you have until Friday, February 12th to finalize your answers.

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Haven’t signed up yet? It is not to late!

For those of you who have not yet signed up, there is still time. Just go to or reach out to or

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