DIMONT Expands To Include Auto Insurance

DIMONT, a provider of specialty insurance and loan administration services to the residential and commercial financial industries, announced it now provides comprehesive insurance claims services on auto loans, incuding identifying damage, insurance coverage and date of loss, and filing and adjusting claims on repossessed vehicles forservicers, lenders, banks, credit unions, investors and other auto lenders.

DIMONT is able to process auto claims that yield the largest monetary return to its clients quickly by using its unique claims adjustment processes, originally created for processing hazard claims, veteran staff and technological infrastructure.

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The new service mitigates the losses to loan portfolios and provides returns by maximizing the value of assets while a vehicle is re-marketed. With leading technology, expert reviewers and a strong claims background, DIMONT is prepared to not only track and recover the maximum amount from claims, but also provide customized reporting to our clients.

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“Subprime auto lenders miss out on a lot of money because of a lack of resources and expertise in processing auto claims for their repossessed vehicles,” said Denis Brosnan, president and chief executive officer of DIMONT. “DIMONT leverages our extensive claims adjusting experience and the investment in technology into a competitive advantage for these lenders by processing auto claims faster and for the maximum amount.”

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