Operational Excellence Must Include Innovative Technology

Tammy Alvarez, Senior Vice President, Operations at Bank Leumi, and BNY Mellon declare that keeping everyone in the organization informed and aligned on process excellence initiatives with enterprise impact will drive operational excellence success and returns for them in 2016. Here’s what they said:

In the recent PEX Network interview ‘4 Leaders of OPEX in the Financial Services’ Tammy states, “You know you have a ‘good’ handle on operational excellence when people within the organization aren’t talking about it.” Good operational excellence within financial services for BNY Mellon is a culture that embraces continuous improvement.

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Tammy goes on in the article to identify Bank Leumi USA’s biggest challenge as leveraging technology. She states, “I am always interested in learning about the latest innovations in technology and business processes”.
PEX Network Director, Karen Magnusson has also commented on this issue, stating, “It is imperative to harness innovative technologies to drive business growth. It is this forward thinking attitude which is pushing companies such as BNY Mellon and Bank Leumi to become leaders in Operational Excellence.”

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Tammy Alvarez will be speaking at the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summit taking place March 7 – 9, 2016 at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, which will welcome over 150 Senior VPs and Directors of Operational and Performance Excellence to learn how to keep the entire organization aligned and productive during a period of enterprise-wide transformation in a dynamic business environment, such as the financial services, with continuous regulatory changes and increased customer expectations.

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