Selecting Technology To Help Manage The Future

Alight Inc., a provider of industry-specific financial optimization solutions, today announced that Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. has chosen the Alight Mortgage Lending real-time live event and scenario analysis platform to help manage the future. Here’s why:

Alight Mortgage Lending makes it easy for management teams to model and Know the Ripple Effect of changing market conditions and decision-making across the enterprise. Alight’s solution provides real-time scenario analysis under any market conditions, delivering up-to-the-minute intelligence necessary to help mortgage lending firms manage the future.

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“In today’s economic environment, mortgage lending companies must be able to run their businesses efficiently, keep focused on growing the top line and react to changes in the marketplace decisively but quickly,” said Jared Huff, managing director of Alight Mortgage Solutions. “Our mortgage lending application anticipates the types of questions lenders have and has what-if capabilities built in to help them make timely decisions.”

Among other things, Alight’s solution enables lenders to manage critical credit line compliance, allowing them to deliver to warehouse lenders monthly reporting on the balance sheet, income statement, and future cash flow projections based on loan volume assumptions.

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“Given the current compliance environment, the need for accurate forecasting has never been greater,” said Paul Walker, CFO, Guardian Mortgage. “Alight Mortgage Lending will provide us with real-time data and analysis of our financials and better insight into warehousing covenants to help us grow our business moving forward.”

“We look forward to working with Guardian Mortgage in helping them streamline the financial analysis and decision-making necessary to achieve their aggressive growth goals over the next few of years,” said Huff.