Vendor Launches New Design For Its Technology

Vantage Production, LLC a provider of automated marketing and advanced sales acceleration solutions for mortgage lenders has announced its plan to release a new design of its Mortgage Market Guide (MMG) technology for users of its market knowledge platform.

According to Sue Woodard, president and chief executive officer, “MMG provides thousands of originators with trusted, reliable information and speed-to-market features lenders rely on to increase productivity and close more loans. Our new release will be packaged in an all new, state-of-the-art online and user-friendly format that enhances sales engagement more than ever, which today’s originators need.”

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“Our clients will be given a new competitive edge. MMG’s new design will offer an enhanced Rate Alert page that is intuitively designed, providing an organized approach to data, advice, sales, marketing intelligence and guidance they must have to compete-along with practical and actionable business-building resources necessary for today’s top performing MLOs,” added Woodard.

“The new MMG will provide continued focus on our exclusive spot-on content that users deem most valuable, while offering live chat features with bond experts anytime throughout the day,” says Shalisa Mohamed, Vantage Production’s chief information officer. “The all-new MMG dashboard immediately presents the most important information, advice, guidance and news that lenders and originators need every day to present to clients, prospects and referral partners. MMG’s new look is completely designed with customers in mind. We surveyed our clients, then developed the tools for the new platform based on what they deemed valuable to conduct daily business at lightning-fast speeds. Our Live Market Information screen will allow users to demonstrate credibility of expertise to clients at a pace unheard of before.”

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Lenders and originators subscribe to the Mortgage Market Guide service for critical and timely market news in order to find accurate market answers, expert advice and to stay abreast of significant shifts in the fast-paced financial world to effectively close more loans.