CRM Is Not Marketing Automation

As I meet with lenders from across the country I am amazed at the level of confusion and misunderstanding there is as it relates to marketing automation. A great deal of this confusion can be contributed to the noise being created by vendors claiming to be CRM and marketing automation all in one fell swoop.

While marketing automation solutions store a lot of the same information as a CRM, such as your prospects contact information ( name, phone number, address, email, company name, title, etc.) that’s about all they truly share in common.

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One way to help clarify the difference between the two solutions is to understand the primary purpose of each solution. CRM’s are basically an electronic Rolodex for your prospects, leads, current and past customers. These powerful solutions help manage your sales activities, provide notifications and alerts as to when follow up is needed, store details and history of your sales activity, connect company details, titles and parties to the transaction and provide an overall history of all the contacts and discussions that you have had with that company and its individual employees. While CRM’s provide an important sales function they really only store information and provide prompts that require you to take action.

Marketing automation on the other hand does not require you to constantly respond to prompts, ergo the word automation. Marketing automation follows the buyers journey through the sales process and automatically delivers personalized and relevant content for each stage of the buying process. This can include specific marketing pieces to spark an interest during the lead generation phase, it can also deliver powerful marketing content to the borrower while their loan is in process and it can be an extremely dynamic tool to build loyalty with current borrowers for repeat business and referrals.

Marketing managers are empowered to drive “set it and forget it” programs across the enterprise, while maintaining regulatory compliance and brand consistency. C-level executives are presented with sophisticated and easy to use tools for more effective oversight and marketing management. Loan officers are freed up to originate and close more loans.

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Marketing automation can unleash a marketing solution that brings your creative genius to life, one that provides the power to quickly and consistently execute your marketing objectives while compliantly meeting the ever changing demands of the mortgage industry. Energize your marketing with mortgage specific marketing automation that is both easy for you to use and extremely powerful.

As you can see both of these solutions are critical to the success of your organization but both also have very distinct roles. Just because you have a CRM doesn’t mean that you have true marketing automation. If you are committed to driving long term growth while maximizing tools that can help automate those tasks, isn’t it time for you to get serious about marketing automation?

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Brandon Perry

Brandon Perry is President at The Turning Point. Brandon oversees all operational and administrative activities of TTP. Brandon brings over 16 years of experience in various financial services industries to TTP which enhances the Company’s ability to maintain it’s position as industry leader in providing customers with an advanced marketing solution.