Default Services Provider Gets New CEO

Exceleras, creators of the DispoSolutions REO management platform and the ValueSolutions enterprise collateral valuation management technology, announced today that industry veteran Michael Harris has joined the firm and will serve as president and Chief Executive Officer. Harris has been consulting with the firm for several months, developing strategic direction and working on a new product set and a general rebrand for the successful software development company.

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Exceleras, formerly Default Servicing Technologies, became a leading firm during the foreclosure crisis, when lenders, servicers and asset management firms sought out software to help them manage the property valuation and disposition processes. Today, Harris plans to take the company to the next step in its evolution.

“Today’s primary market participants, lenders and servicers, now have access to solid software that meets their most pressing needs and we are proud to be a solution provider for that sector,” Harris said. “It’s the secondary market that also needs our support today. Our ability to provide customized software through a consultative and collaborative process is making us a good partner for capital markets firms that can benefit from access to a boutique, high powered technology environment.”

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Harris previously owned his own quality assurance consulting firm Jennick, LLC, where he provided a range of services designed to help mortgage servicers establish and maintain best practices. Before that he served as President of Carrington Property Services, President at Stewart Asset Recovery, and Vice President in charge of Operation for First American REO Servicing.

“Our primary market segment going forward will be investors who lack the powerful technologies required for success in today’s real estate market,” Harris said. “There are firms in our industry today who would benefit greatly by having a single solution like Exceleras which can provide end to end technology from portfolio acquisition to disposition. We can show them software solutions that will change their worlds.”