App Brings Ease-Of-Use To Organizing Referral Base For Loan Originators

NAMB+ Inc., the for-profit marketing and communications subsidiary of NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals, has announced a new partnership with WhoHub, a free marketing app for local real estate agents to introduce their clients to the best loan officers.

WhoHub connects clients, agents and vendors by driving new leads, building and enhancing relationships between agents locally and nationwide. The WhoHub app allows users to manage both inbound and outbound connections from any mobile device, including home-related service provider recommendations for clients, saving valuable time. WhoHub’s online dashboard allows users to add vendors, complete an online profile and view connections and contacts online.

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“NAMB members will have the ability to bolster their referral base via the WhoHub app,” said NAMB+ President Nathan S. Pierce. “By utilizing WhoHub’s technology, our members will have the ability to better manage their system of contacts, and keep track of their ever-growing network of real estate professionals. Through this app, NAMB members can focus on closing more loans and leave the organization of their referral partners to WhoHub.”

NAMB+ connects NAMB members with an array of Endorsed Providers aimed at helping mortgage professionals gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. NAMB+ brings everything from compliance, credit reports, lead generation, phone services, social media and custom canvas prints to NAMB members as part of the program.

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“NAMB members have to work harder than ever to grow their business, replace MSAs, and stay abreast of new regulations, much less have the time or budget to stay in touch with their key real estate agents and brokers,” said Brad LaTour, co-founder and CEO of WhoHub. “WhoHub was designed to help the individual mortgage loan originator and their top real estate professionals stay connected and expand their business relationship. We are honored to be selected to help NAMB members overcome their marketing challenges with an easy, convenient and low cost way to connect with their real estate agents.”