Commercial RE Exchange Launches

In a move that will alter the course of the commercial real estate market, Braun Co. announces today its official launch of the Minority Interest Market Exchange (MIMX) to procure the purchase and sale of minority and partnership interests in commercial real estate.  The platform includes the sale of interests including, but not limited to, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations, Tenant in Common, and more.  The MIMX platform provides a much needed solution to an often difficult proposition when an investor wishes to exit a partnership or minority interest in commercial real estate.

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Braun Co. has been selling partnership and minority interests in commercial real estate since 2009.  Included in the portfolio are a number of successful sales ranging from 1% to 99% ownership in all major U.S. markets, with buyers from the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Due to market demand and overwhelming success, Braun Co. made the decision to formalize this sales offering and announce its MIMX platform. Mr. Todd Wohl, Partner of Braun Co.: “The idea for MIMX was born out of client demand.  Previously, investors had no available option to sell an interest in an entity that controls real estate – with MIMX, Braun Co. provides investors a solution to provide quick liquidity of these assets.”

Braun Co. is primarily known for its success in the commercial real estate auction business, auctioning commercial properties both large and small, nationally and internationally.  “Through Braun Co.’s extensive portfolio of transactions and clients, I noticed a huge market opportunity in the sale of minority interests in commercial real estate.  Establishing a division to both buy and sell these interests is a natural complement to our existing commercial real estate business, and brings a much-needed solution to our clients, as well as other attorneys, CPA’s, wealth advisors, and more,” remarks Mr. Todd Wohl.  Braun Co. estimates that transactions through its MIMX platform will add a 10% increase in transaction volume to each commercial real estate broker who utilizes this platform with existing clientele.

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Enter Braun Co.’s proprietary MIMX platform. The unique expertise that has made Braun Co. successful is also reflected in its MIMX platform – a sizeable database of buyers and investors, global marketing campaigns, and a mix of sale platforms that are customized to ensure the success of each individual sale. MIMX sale platforms include a traditional sale platform, auction, or a customizable hybrid mix.  A sale platform is recommended based on the goals of the seller, marketability of the interest, and appraisal.  To date, MIMX sales at Braun Co. have enjoyed a 100% closing rate, and the sale and closing of the interest can occur in as little as 7 days.

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