New Next-Generation LOS Launches

PROGRESS in Lending has learned that PCLender has released their next generation Loan Origination Software (LOS). This rejuvenation of the LOS, which has been the focus and dedication of the PCLender engineers for the past 15 months, now leverages rules based functionality to dynamically support their Point of Sale (POS), Borrower Portal and Mobile applications, making it the most powerful SaaS solution for small to mid-sized lenders.

PCLender’s LOS is now the database of record for their POS, borrower portal, B2B wholesale website and consumer direct applications. Simply put, any and all information submitted through the consumer direct applications and borrower portal goes directly into the LOS, meaning users never have to re-key data and borrowers can track their entire loan process through their portal, upload any necessary documents, and enjoy secure messaging. By integrating these tools the lender’s workflow is substantially streamlined through rules based configuration of loan activities, file documentation and best of breed third party vendor interfaces.

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This release provides the foundation for integrations to third parties with an innovative and cutting edge view that enhances the user-experience and allows for more personalized customization with the modernized UI design. “We are excited to have the face of our LOS finally match the advanced technology that we have consistently delivered to small and mid-sized lenders,” says Lionel Urban, CEO of PCLender. “Our objective is to give our customers an unfair advantage.  The energy our company puts into providing the most advanced and effective systems directly impacts our customer’s bottom line with streamlined workflow, improved loan quality and reduced operating costs. With this new facelift and data access tools, we support advanced workflow and provide a great user experience.”

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PCLender manages the entire mortgage process, from Point of Sale to processing, underwriting, closing and shipping—all in one fully integrated service, with customized business rules that ensure consistent, compliant loans, every time. Streamlining mortgage operations since 1997 as a prominent provider of LOS, websites and portal technology, PCLender supports consumer direct, retail, wholesale and correspondent lending channels.

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