Lender Chooses New Cloud-Based LOS

Financial Funding Solutions, Inc. (FFS), DBA 1st Mortgages, Littleton, Colo., has selected Path as its LOS. PathSoftware is a new highly structured, cloud-based mortgage loan origination software (LOS) from Calyx Software. Here’s why FFS made this decision:

FFS is a brokerage and correspondent lender that operates in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. The company has partnerships with more than 60 credit unions and builders, and has successfully closed more than 10,000 loans since it was founded in 2002.

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“At FFS, we’re committed to helping our customers secure loan programs that are best suited for their individual needs, so we needed an LOS that could give our customers quick, compliant answers and grow with us at the same time,” said Anne Marie Lee, Director of Builder/Real Estate Sales & Marketing at FFS. “We selected Path for its user-friendly platform, multi-channel origination capabilities and structured workflows, as well as the ability to access it anywhere. We’re confident this will make us more productive and better able to serve our customers.”

PathSoftware was designed to simplify and streamline mid-tier to enterprise-level, multi-channel loan origination. As a portal with a single point of entry, all loan data, lock data, products, pricing, AUS findings, disclosure documents, compliance assurances and closing documents emanate and are reconciled within one system. This enhances visibility and improves productivity across multiple business channels—wholesale, retail and correspondent. Path is also the first completely data-driven, not form-driven, LOS. It collects all of the borrower and property information individually and then uses those fields to populate forms, making it easier to adapt to and comply with new regulations.

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“Increasingly, forward-looking originators like FFS are looking for cloud-based solutions that can support 24/7 access from multiple devices without compromising the highly structured, role-based workflows to better serve their customers,” said Dennis Boggs, Executive Vice President of Path. “Path is not only simple to use and easily accessible, but also delivers uniquely configurable workflows that give them the control and visibility they need to manage and grow their business.”