Integration Speeds Up Default Management

NetDirector, a provider of cloud-based data and document exchange services, is successfully facilitating the integration of ISGN’s web-based default management platform, Tempo, for a number of its clients. As default servicing increases in complexity, many law firms and servicers alike are replacing outdated legacy systems to not only aid in adhering to regulatory guidelines, but to also proactively meet the unique needs of delinquent borrowers and aid in loss mitigation and foreclosure prevention strategies. Through this partnership, NetDirector will help make the transition seamless, ensuring mortgage servicers and attorney firms stay connected throughout the process.

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The three primary transactions that the shift to Tempo will affect are foreclosure and bankruptcy referrals, Standard Events, and messages. Many servicers or firms have built and maintained an independent or proprietary integration between their legacy system and case management system, causing unnecessary strain on resources during transitions such as this. NetDirector is easing that changeover and sustainably providing data integration between services for the foreseeable future. Additionally, NetDirector can support organizations that are mid-transition. Interacting with both systems, NetDirector can seamlessly match data and drive efficiency in their digital environment.

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“Default servicing is more complex today than ever with foreclosure timelines increasing exponentially, largely due to additional requirements for servicers to offer foreclosure prevention assistance,” said Don Gaspar, CTO for ISGN. “To manage these loans, servicers must invest in a modern, cost effective technology solution like Tempo, but replacing an outdated legacy system comes with a lot of pain points.  By partnering with NetDirector, servicers can leverage Tempo without the hurdle of providing their own costly, proprietary integration. We look forward to working with them to deliver a solution that maximizes productivity, increases precision and provides greater cost efficiency.”

Built by default servicing experts, Tempo meets the stringent demands of default servicing. One system that manages early and late stage default, Tempo delivers streamlined default operations with reduced processing times and a high level of accuracy. Servicers are able to better manage data in one system, be more efficient and create loan-level insight.