Looking For Financial Management Automation

Bestborn Business Solutions, a provider of accounting and financial management solutions, has announced that VanDyk Mortgage has selected its software application, Loan Vision, as its new financial management solution.

“Making the transition to Loan Vision will allow the VanDyk finance team to support the continued growth and success of the organization as a whole, giving us greater insight into our operations and helping us manage costs at a far more granular level than we have been previously able,” said Justin McDowell, CFO, VanDyk Mortgage.

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“We are delighted to have added VanDyk Mortgage to the ever-expanding list of independent mortgage banks making the move to Loan Vision,” said Martin Kerr, President, Bestborn Business Solutions. “Over the past 18 months or so we have gathered significant momentum amongst some of the largest lenders in the industry. VanDyk’s move from AMB is another great example of industry leaders moving away from older technology and embracing progressive solutions.

“Loan Vision’s unique combination of industry-leading financial functionality and mortgage industry expertise allows us to offer enterprises like VanDyk the tools they need to better manage their organizations, today and for the foreseeable future as they continue to expand and grow,” added Kerr.

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Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Loan Vision brings enterprise level accounting and business management functionality to the mortgage banking industry and a new option for lenders who require more flexibility in their enterprise software. Loan Vision can interface with any LOS, efficiently passing detailed loan level information directly into the accounting system, thereby reducing manual workload and avoiding the risks of human error that come with rekeying data. The Microsoft look and feel reduces the learning curve for new users, while IT benefits from a solution fully deployed on the Microsoft suite of technologies. The platform contains modules for Interim Servicing and LO Commission as well as an extensive Branch Reporting module.

Making every customer a referenceable customer is the goal of Bestborn Business Solutions. Thanks to the functionality offered in its mortgage accounting solution, Loan Vision, and its team of industry focused consultants, the firm has quickly established itself as the partner of choice for some of the largest and fastest growing lenders in the country. Choose to partner with us and streamline the finance department and delight branch and executive management while gaining greater clarity in your reporting.