New LOS Continues To Gain Momentum

The LOS space is very competitive. So, what makes for a leading LOS? The most obvious answer is marketshare. If you continue to bring on new clients, that’s a sure sign that you’re doing a good job. In this case, PathSoftware, a new highly structured, cloud-based mortgage loan origination software (LOS) from CalyxSoftware, today announced that Origin Bank, a Louisiana chartered bank with growing mortgage services across its three state footprint, has selected Path as its LOS.

Origin Bank, formerly Community Trust Bank, is more than a century old and provides a wide range of traditional banking services, including conforming and jumbo residential mortgages, through 41 banking centers throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Bancorp, Inc., a financial holding company with more than $4 billion in assets.

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Origin Bank evaluated ten LOSs over the course of a year before ultimately selecting PathSoftware.

“We were cautious about making an impulsive decision and based our selection on specific criteria,” said James E. Hinton, Executive Vice President, Texas Mortgage Banking Group, Origin Bank. “We were looking for a system that is set up to accommodate what we see as a quickly moving industry evolution towards digital originations and processes, and one that is not stuck in a paradigm of how things have always been done. It was also important to us that the system be written to accommodate multiple origination channels, as opposed to being adapted from an original purpose of serving just one channel. Finally, we were looking for a system that is supported by people who understand and have a commitment to our industry.”

Hinton continued, “Of all the systems that we looked at, Path was the one that best met our criteria. Their core product—Calyx Point—has long been recognized as the gold standard for smaller originators and has adapted to the times. It is our hope and belief that the same commitment will be applied to Path. An added benefit is their support team being located in Dallas.”

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PathSoftware enhances visibility and improves productivity across multiple business channels—wholesale, retail and correspondent. As a portal with a single point of entry, all loan data, lock data, products, pricing, AUS findings, disclosure documents, compliance assurances and closing documents emanate and are reconciled within one system. And as the first completely data-driven, not form-driven, LOS, Path collects all borrower and property information individually and then uses those fields to populate forms, making it easier to adapt to and comply with new regulations.

“Being selected by a discerning lender like Origin Bank speaks volumes to our commitment to providing our clients with the latest, most advanced technology,” said Dennis Boggs, Executive Vice President of Path. “We’re confident Path will improve their workflow, streamline multi-channel loan origination, and keep them ahead of the curve.”