Integration Enables A More Mobile Mortgage Experience

LoanLogics has integrated its LoanDecisions Product Eligibility and Loan Pricing platform with mobile application provider Mortgage Coach and their interactive app experiences that are trusted by millions of consumers. After the originator prices a loan scenario in LoanDecisions, the details are seamlessly updated in Mortgage Coach, creating engaging interactive loan comparison presentations that clearly explain all of the borrower’s eligible loan options.

“Diamond Residential Mortgage provides all originators Mortgage Coach to ensure every borrower has the best possible mortgage advice with a clear presentation. With the integration from LoanDecisions, any loan option can be instantly presented accurately and clearly, increasing the speed of commitment, allowing us to help more families everyday,” shared Paul Diamond, President of Diamond Residential Mortgage.

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Mortgage Coach illustrates investment strategies, such as asset accumulation and term reduction, that help originators educate their borrowers on how a mortgage aligns with their personal financial goals. This innovative integration, now available within LoanDecisions, helps any mortgage professional create a great presentation fast, replacing a number of steps that traditionally take time with a single click. Overnight, lenders with thousands of professionals can ensure their clients and prospects can make informed decisions.

“Mortgage Coach presentations bring loan options to life with intuitive, easy to use mobile apps, interactive charts, and video narration,” shared Joseph Puthur, President of Mortgage Coach. “The result is that borrowers understand mortgages far better than has been possible in the past. When borrowers are more comfortable and confident, client satisfaction increases and referrals for our clients grow.”

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With this integration, mortgage originators will have access to a powerful suite of presentations and mobile app experiences right at the point where eligible loan product pricing is presented.  Originators can view and illustrate all loan options effortlessly in LoanDecisions, having every option in front of borrowers in seconds. “Our integration with Mortgage Coach enables originators to demonstrate the options borrowers have and the merits of each. Now, borrowers working with our clients’ mortgage professionals can more confidently make an informed choice, the choice that is the best for them,” said Matt Thoman, LoanLogics Product Manager of Origination Technologies. “We are committed to ensuring that our clients have the best possible tools to maximize their results.”

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